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Plan Editing and Technical Writing Highlights


Washington DC Comp Plan Progress Report (2012-2013)

In 2012 and 2013 Barry prepared, authored and edited the 2010-2012 Progress Report on Comprehensive Plan Implementation for the District of Columbia. This high-quality, graphically-rich publication described visually and with narratives the programs being implemented by the DC government to implement its Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2006. Barry undertook this project as a sub-contractor to BAE Urban Economics.


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Front Cover of the DC Comp Plan 2012 Progress Report

Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice (2008-2009)

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) selected Barry to author a chapter in the latest edition of Local Planning, commonly known among urban planners as “The Green Book.”  The book’s editors and contributing authors represent the leading planning professionals in the United States.  Barry’s chapter, entitled Plans that Fit the Purpose, profiled different types of community plans and highlighted trends in plan content, scope, and intent.  Local Planning is used as a textbook on many college campuses and is considered a “must-have” resource by many professional planners.



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Front cover of the book

Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Plan (2002)

The coastal city of Half Moon Bay retained Barry to draft the city’s state-mandated Local Coastal Plan (LCP), working with technical documents that had been prepared by other consultants.  The LCP provides important policy guidance on the management of land in the coastal zone, building regulation and design control, bluff erosion and storm hazards, and public access to the shoreline and along the oceanfront.  Barry conducted a series of work sessions with the City Council and prepared a revised draft plan based on staff and Council direction. 



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Crowds of people enjoying the sun and beach in Half Moon Bay

Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan Editing (1995-1997)

Barry was retained by the City of Palo Alto to edit working drafts of the city’s revised Comprehensive Plan elements, and ultimately to compile the edited elements into a cohesive, internally consistent Plan for the City.  The work involved the development of new policies and implementation programs, based on a review of hundreds of pages of notes from community workshops and meetings.  The scope of work also included design and publication of the final adopted document.



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Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) Plan (1998-1999)

The CCWD hired Barry to write their Facilities Master Plan (FMP), the guiding document for funding administrative and maintenance facilities through 2018.  The task involved reviewing several years worth of engineering documents in order to glean key facts and recommendations.  The Plan identified existing deficiencies and 20-year forecasts, and included proposed site plans and capital improvement proposals for CCWD properties in Concord and Antioch.



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Gonzales General Plan (1992-1995)

As a subcontractor to Brady and Associates, Barry provided editing services for the Gonzales General Plan.  Gonzales is a city of 8,000 located in the Salinas Valley of California.  Barry was instrumental in drafting land use policies, editing and rewriting narrative text, and developing the city’s land use classification system.   As part of his scope, Barry also prepared the Gonzales Housing Element. 



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San Francisco Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (1991)

Working as a contract employee in the Mayor’s Office of Housing, Barry prepared the 1991 Comprehensive Housing Strategy Report (CHAS) for the City and County of San Francisco.  The study included a Needs Assessment, an Inventory of Resources, a Five-Year Strategy, and a One-Year Action Plan.  The focus of the CHAS is the development of new programs and funding sources to increase the supply of affordable rental housing for lower income and special needs households.


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